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Last place to stay. Work competition. Ability difference | Free pictogram | Free illustration Effect of coronavirus. Crisis of company management. Lose work. |Portrait Illustration|Free Pictogram The boss declares a fire. I am advised to retire. Conversation with the boss. |Worker Illustration|Free clip art The company has no whereabouts. Take the exit gently. Leave the company. |Free pictogram|Free illustration Confront the coronavirus. Confront the difficulties. Defend with a shield. |Free material|Illustration|Pictogram Get fired from the company. Get unemployed. Be at a loss. |Portrait Illustration|Free Pictogram Businessman falling to the abyss. The worst happens. |Free pictogram|Free illustration Disposable employees. Fire incompetent employees. Treated like trash. |Free material|Illustration|Pictogram Gently leave the company. I lose my job. Escape from the door. |Worker Illustration|Free clip art A person who kills time in the park. A businessman who has nothing to do. Find a job every day. |Portrait Illustration|Free Pictogram The result of the interview. The interview fails. Fall in the interview. |Free pictogram|Free illustration Be treated as incompetent. Employees who are thrown away. Powerful company. |Free material|Illustration|Pictogram Unmotivated businessman. Lose a job. A person who is at a loss. |Worker Illustration|Free clip art I go for an interview. Many rivals. There is a queue for the interview. |Portrait Illustration|Free Pictogram Fired by the company. Thrown out of the company. Incompetent employee. |Free pictogram|Free illustration Disposable worker. Hire workers. Temporary employees who are sold cheaply. |Worker Illustration|Free clip art Leave the company. Quit business. To quit a job. |Free material|Illustration|Pictogram He is sentenced to fire. Moved from your boss. Receive power harassment. |Portrait Illustration|Free Pictogram Sales decline due to the effect of coronavirus. Business is affected. A person who falls. |Free pictogram|Free illustration A person without energy. The return of the interview. Lose a job. |Worker Illustration|Free clip art